My Platform

Proposal for the

City of Doral

Adriana says the Doral has a great future and always will be options to improve current services, but working as a team and with all residents of the city can achieve better quality of life for all who live in El Doral.

  • Create effective solutions to relieve vehicular traffic in our city.
  • Establish partnerships with the private sector that provide benefits to Doralinos.
  • Promote the balanced development of the city.
  • Achieving greater participation by voters in our government.
  • Propose innovative ideas that suit the budget.

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Why Adriana Moyano?

For a person of values and principles that represent the voice of all residents and citizens in the city council, a dedicated and committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing in their city and its inhabitants is needed, in short Adriana Moyano is your best choice!.

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